The Pursuit of Reality in the Information Age - Saadain Gardezi | Global Affairs

Humans today are living in an era of information. It is an age in the history of humanity characterized by a massive inflow and easy data availability. In earlier times, information used to be a rare commodity that quite often compelled people to make an effort in its pursuit. It was quite common to travel between cities and regions, in search of knowledge. But the advent of globalization, the internet and the integration of digital devices in our way of living has made it available with just a

David Patrikarakos, War in 140 Characters | CISS Insight Journal

David Patrikarakos is a British journalist, author and TV producer. He is the author of Nuclear Iran: Birth of an Atomic State, a contributing editor at the Daily Beast, and a contributing writer at Politico, Foreign Policy and several other publications. War in 140 Characters explains the changing nature of conflict after the inception of social media. The book contains accounts of several individuals and networks, that became significant actors in 21st century conflicts. It also elaborates how

Pulwama Crisis and Prospects of Nuclear War between India and Pakistan | Saadain Gardezi | Global Affairs

Pakistan and India have been interlocked in a hostile relationship since their inception in 1947, with both the sides going to war over the disputed territory of Kashmir thrice in their 72 years history. The atmosphere of mutual discontent coupled with other national motivations eventually led to the nuclearization of South Asia, thus complicating the already hostile security environment.

As suggested by the Stability-Instability Paradox, the region did not witness any direct full scale conflic

The Threat of Artificial Intelligence Weapons

All major powers are currently focusing on the development of autonomous weapon systems.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technological breakthrough that would render the world unrecognisable as we know it today. Though the idea that machines would possess human-like cognitive capabilities might have sounded like science fiction in the past century, it has now transitioned to reality.

Since its inception, Artificial Intelligence has drawn attention from a diverse number of fields and the conc

Exclusive Interview: H.E Adam Tugio – Ambassador of Indonesia to Pakistan | | Global Affairs

• Question: Excellency, Pakistan and Indonesia have bilateral relations deeply rooted in mutual respect and support at the regional levels. Pakistan established diplomatic relations with Indonesia in 1950. Both countries celebrated 70 years of establishment of diplomatic relations in 2020. What are the main areas of bilateral significance between Pakistan and Indonesia?

Answer: Let me begin with the happy news that Indonesia-Pakistan bilateral relations have reached an important milestone by c

In Conversation with H.E Yerzhan Kistafin - Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Pakistan | Global Affairs

Q: Excellency, I would like to start with our bilateral relations, Pakistan has been one of the first countries to recognize the independence of Kazakhstan in 1991 as a sovereign state, moreover, since 1994, the Embassy of Republic of Kazakhstan has been functioning in Pakistan, how do you view the relations between Kazakhstan and Pakistan?

A: Thank you for your question, when it comes to cooperation between the two countries, we have developed an excellent dialogue at a political level, our le

In Conversation with H.E Andrei Metelitsa – Ambassador of The Republic of Belarus to Islamic Republic of Pakistan | Saadain Gardezi | Global Affairs

H.E Andrei Metelitsa is currently serving as the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan since November 19, 2020. He has the diplomatic rank of Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary envoy of the second class.

He has an extraordinary diplomatic career spanning across 23 years in which he has served in a number of important positions such as Director-General for Treaties and Legal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic

In Conversation with H.E Seyed Mohammed Ali Hosseini – Ambassador of I.R Iran to Pakistan | | Global Affairs

Q: Excellency, as the Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran to Islamic Republic of Pakistan what is your vision regarding your responsibility?

A: Due to the priority of neighbors and Islamic countries in the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and also the government of Dr. Ra’isi, as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, I have a heavy responsibility to strengthen and deepen interaction and cooperation betw

Cinematic Media as a means of Soft Power Projection: A case study of US, India & Pakistan | | Global Affairs

Everything is in a state of evolution. From living organisms, tangible technologies to intangible thoughts, ideas and concepts; all evolve with the passage of time. An innate feature of humans is the urge to acquire and enhance power and influence & the same feature is reflected in their collective institutions such as the nation-states. The urge has been present throughout the history, but the nature of power has evolved, giving rise to the classification of hard and soft power.

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